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Townhome For Sale
Sarasota, FL

Clusters-GST Series

Bevel Clusters - GST Series
These exclusive brilliant, clear bevel clusters are gorgeous, whether used by themselves or incorporated into a spectacular window or door panel! Bevel colors shown in their books were created by foiling colored antique glass behind the clusters, in a technique called "plating". Dimensions shown are approximate. Beautiful patterns using these clusters can be found in the Glassmith Studios series of books.
3/4 and 1 inch pencil bevels Bevel Corner Sets Faceted Glass Jewels
1-1/2 and 2 inch bevels Misc Ovals, Circles, Triangles, Star and Square Bevels Glass Nuggets and Globs
Bevel Clusters Glassmith Studios Bevel Clusters Sparkling Hand Made Rondels
Mix & Match for Quantity Discount!

Featured Item

GST128C - Bevel Cluster, Colored, GST - Green Bamboo

Bevel Cluster, Colored, GST - Green Bamboo

7 green pcs. Approx. 1" x 3" ea.
Bamboo has served mankind in countless practical and ornamental ways.
This versatile grass is used in construction, furniture, flooring, fiber as well as fishing rods and in decorative gardens and art. Enjoy your own 7 leaf beveled bamboo cluster complete with a free 20" round panel pattern.

These exclusive brilliant, clear bevel clusters are gorgeous, whether used by themselves or incorporated into a spectacular window or door panel! (Background glass in photo not included.)

Mix & Match all GST Bevel Clusters for Quantity Discount!

Your Price: $49.99
Qty Prices: 4/44.99 Ea

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