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Stained Glass Artist Gallery - Artists Display Their Work


Bevels - Corner Sets & Misc. Shapes/Sizes
Catch a rainbow with our glass bevels!
A ray of sunlight, passing through the prism-like bevel refracts all the colors of the rainbow. A stunning effect that can create an elegant window or a jeweled accent in a box, panel or lampshade. Our wide selection of sizes have a highly polished 1/2" wide bevel cut on 3/16" plate glass. Bevel clusters provide the beauty of fancy Victorian beveled windows at an attractive price.
3/4 and 1 inch pencil bevels Bevel Corner Sets Faceted Glass Jewels
1-1/2 and 2 inch bevels Misc Ovals, Circles, Triangles, Star and Square Bevels Glass Nuggets and Globs
Bevel Clusters Glassmith Studios Bevel Clusters Sparkling Hand Made Rondels

Order by the BOX OF 30 of the same size and save even more!

Our customers say ... "I think it is so generous of you to share the Free stained glass patterns. I am a very visual person. I have just made one oval panel, I altered the pattern to fit my taste, just about giving my instructor a heart attack, she thought I wouldn't finish before the end of semester but I fell in love with this art form. I am sure I will be back to buy from you as well."

Bevels : Bevel Cluster - 3D Star

Bevel Cluster
3D Star


Bevels : Bevel, Creative Carvings - Butterfly

Bevel, Creative Carvings

Limited Qtys

Bevels : Bevel, Creative Carvings - Hummingbird

Bevel, Creative Carvings

Limited Qtys

Bevels : Bevel, Square - 3 x 3"

Bevel, Square
3 x 3"


Bevels : Bevel, Square - 3 X 3" (Box of 30)

Bevel, Square
3 X 3" (Box of 30)


Bevels : Bevel, Square - 4" x 4"

Bevel, Square
4" x 4"


Bevels : Bevel, Square - 4" X 4" (Box of 30)

Bevel, Square
4" X 4" (Box of 30)


Bevels : Bevel, Square - 4" x 4" (Pkg of 10)

Bevel, Square
4" x 4" (Pkg of 10)


Bevels : Bevel, Corners - 1" (Set of 4)

Bevel, Corners
1" (Set of 4)


Bevels : Bevel, Corners - 1.5" (Set of 4)

Bevel, Corners
1.5" (Set of 4)


Bevels : Bevel, Corners - 2" (Set of 4)

Bevel, Corners
2" (Set of 4)


Bevels : Bevel Cluster - Flat Star

Bevel Cluster
Flat Star


Bevels : Angel Bevel Cluster - Arianna

Angel Bevel Cluster

Limited Qtys
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Our customers say ... "The first thing that attracted me to your website was the ease of your section/catalog on your website. The other thing was the way you show pages on the pattern books..makes such a difference when you are ordering pattern books. Wouldn't buy one anywhere else after seeing your displays! Thank you...so far you are batting 1000!!!"
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