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Pattern Bks (Full Size)

Full Size Pattern Books-
Stained Glass Pattern and Instruction Books listed in alphabetical order Stained Glass Pattern Books relating to Flowers, Animals, Floral, Wild Life and Nature Stained Glass Full Size Pattern Books
Glass Bead Making Book Stained Glass Fusing Books Stained Glass Project Books
Design Books and Software Stained Glass Instruction Books Suncatcher Pattern books
Etching Books Lamp Pattern Books Window Pattern Books
  Mosaic Books  
Our Books are listed ALPHABETICALLY
within their respective categories.

While books can be hard to categorize, we have tried to be as consistent as possible with our printed catalog, as well as mixing in the newest books and the books we have limited quantities on. If you are looking for a specific book, try our SEARCH button, or, if you know the EXACT Item Number, try our EXPRESS ORDER feature from the menu bar.

Featured Item

7422 - 10 Pieces...or Less!

10 Pieces...or Less!

Click here for larger image.

How can a panel so simple look so good? 34 designs that contain 10 pieces of glass or less go together fast and easy but look complex. Themes include florals, critters, landscapes, culinary and seasonal...with color variations galore! Great for students and beginners, perfect for last minute gifts.

Your Price: $16.95
Qty Prices: 6/15.26 Ea

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Our customers say ... "great website. i spend ages looking around it. Love the free patterns as well. Keep up the good work. you have really fired up my imagination in my glass work. thank you!!"

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : 300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs

300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : About The Sea

About The Sea


Pattern Bks (Full Size) : American Quilts

American Quilts

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Beginning Patterns

Beginning Patterns

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Beyond Beginnings

Beyond Beginnings

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Book of Fans, The

Book of Fans, The

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Decorative Birds

Decorative Birds

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Decorative S. G. Designs

Decorative S. G. Designs

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Magic of Snowflakes

Magic of Snowflakes

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Ornate Crosses 2 In Stained Glass

Ornate Crosses 2 In Stained Glass
On sale
Reg $13

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Patterns For South Beach Frame

Patterns For South Beach Frame

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Quick Success

Quick Success

Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Suncatchers


Pattern Bks (Full Size) : Glass Whirls Potpourri Stained Glass Pattern Book

Glass Whirls Potpourri Stained Glass Pattern Book
Limited Qtys
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Our customers say ... "Easy to navigate and quickly locate items"
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