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Came -

Lead Strips, or "Came", the traditional material used in stained glass window construction. The cross sections shown are the most commonly used sizes.  The fractional dimension indicates the size across the face, or exposed surface.  All the lead channels will accomodate standard thickness stained glass.

Zinc Came. Much stronger and more rigid than lead came. It may be used with, or in addition to lead came, when you need to make a window structurally very stable. It is an especially good border material, but the 'H' channels can be used for internal bracing as well.

Lead came, zinc came and brass came are 4 feet in length.

Minimum orders of at least 12 assorted pieces and
boxes will have a $7. boxing charge added.

lead zinc & brass Tools & Accessories

Featured Item

SL25 - Strongline Reinforcement

Strongline Reinforcement

See the beauty of copper foil, but feel the strength of steel! Reinforce your larger foiled and leaded panels to prevent future bowing.

Strongline is a thin, copper coated steel ribbon only 1/8" wide that is invisible in your soldered or leaded window. 25' roll can reduce or eliminate the need for bulky external rebars.

Your Price: $7.99
Qty Prices: 6/7.19 Ea

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Came : Brush, Flux

Brush, Flux

Came : Brush, Putty

Brush, Putty

Came : Flux, Liquid - Canfield, 1 Pint

Flux, Liquid
Canfield, 1 Pint


Came : Flux, Liquid - Canfield, 8 Oz.

Flux, Liquid
Canfield, 8 Oz.


Came : Flux, Liquid Gel - Glastar, 4 Oz.

Flux, Liquid Gel
Glastar, 4 Oz.


Came : Hobby Came - 1/16" Bright Lead-Free (1 Lb.)

Hobby Came
1/16" Bright Lead
Free (1 Lb.)


Came : Horseshoe Nails (Box of 100)

Horseshoe Nails (Box of 100)

Came : Lead Came Tool Package

Lead Came Tool Package

Came : Lead Knife

Lead Knife

Came : Lead Vise

Lead Vise

Came : Pattern Shears - Lead

Pattern Shears


Came : Putty, Weather Sealant (1/2 Pint)

Putty, Weather Sealant (1/2 Pint)

Came : Stanton Lead Stretcher

Stanton Lead Stretcher

Came : Stop Blocks - Lead & Glass

Stop Blocks
Lead & Glass


Came : Strongline Reinforcement

Strongline Reinforcement

Came : Whiting (1 Lb.)

Whiting (1 Lb.)
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