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Glass Crafters is a BBB Accredited Craft Supply Store in Sarasota, FL
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Customer Comments!

While many stained glass suppliers have recently sprung up on the web, Glass Crafters has been supplying hobbyists and studios like yourself for 30 years!

You will find that we are here long after the sale, to answer your questions and to follow up on service. This website is an extension of our business philosophy, and we try to make shopping here as easy as walking into our physical showroom.

Glass Crafters thrives on your satisfaction. But don't just take our word - here are some emailed comments from our customers:

Great website. Everything I seem to have everything that I need.
everything that you need is here and free patterns too. very easy to navigate website!!!
I really like your new format! I just had a few minutes to scan it and can't wait until I can give it some "quality time"!
I loved the new website. It was so easy to use--the pop up windows were great. It made spending money wa-aa-y too easy!! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the work by other crafts people. Wow!!
very easy to find stuff!
I think you guys are great! I spoke to someone in customer service who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about your products, and she was a great help. I placed an order the same day, and was amazed that it shipped right way. I got it today, and can;t wait to try it out!
Just keep doing as you are doing! Wonderful experience and everyone is very helpful. I love visiting the store and poking around looking at all the glass and patterns and just losing myself. Great job to everyone:)
My first stained glass kit was purchased from you over 17 years ago, I still to this day use my original iron, and grinder. No matter where I have had to go to purchase simple replacement items such as solder, I always find myself looking through my old catalogs from Glass Crafters. I look forward to receiving my new catalog and your web site. A loyal but intermittent customer of 17 plus years.s
I have always received excellent service in the store, on the phone, and online. Your sales, shipping prices and free patterns suit me just fine. I don't shop anywhere else except my local store where I need something right away. Keep up the great work.
its great i always find everything i need, i think i get great service.
excellent - you are all like shopping in a local stained glass shop great group of folks - one of these days i will get to meet ya in person - hopefully next year while down there
from ohio........only thing better would be me living next store. service is unmatchable
Super easy to navigate. No guessing where different items are located. I think you're Great. Keep up the good work.
great web site, very easy to get around and find what you are looking for.
Dont do anything. Glass Crafters is the best stain glass store out there
it is easy to navigate and I come back to it often
I have found you very competive,(I shop around),and dependible.I have had trouble with a couple co. but not you.so keep being consistant and we all will keep comeing back.byyyy bob andres
Fine. Easy to find what is needed. Especially like looking for the specials. I have no complaints. I must admit I wait for the free shipping before ordering. I've never had a problem with the product or service.
Great place to shop, or even just check out items you May be thinking about buying
Compared to the other online supply stores, you are one of the most expensive. However, you do deliver much faster.
i do stained glass year round you have a great site and i enjoy looking at all the new patterens you offer thanks glass crafters...you guys are fantastic i would like to see you up here in lakeland but if you cant thats ok also.
website is great i go to glasscrafters for all my stained glass needs... thank you
Easy to use, lots of information, enjoy the Artist Gallery and descriptions of items. I am very satisfied with Glass Crafters service, sales and quality of merchandise.
am new to masaic,have done odle's of glass wall tile, new stuff, but watch my address - have bought, and will buy often,
At the Las Vegas Show, one of my intructors worked there. He was great and had nothing but positive things to say regarding your company!
I love your stuff, I just wish I could buy everything, but that won't happen, lol
i buy exclusively from you unless you don't carry the product. I recently needed 1 x 10 inch bevels for a project, and you don't sell them. Your prices are great, shipping fast and safe (nothing broken) and your specials are always a good deal.
Not sure how to improve--my experiences have all been above board of ANY other online store. Thank you Glass Crafters!!
Love your website---it should be used as a standard for all shopping sites. Is there a template available?
I really like dealing with you. I am never disappointed.
Great prices and love the hobby size glass sheets.
For someone with professional experiece in building websites for NYS, I rate it good.
First let me say I really don't think there is anything that you need to do. I love the fact that I'am able to go in to your store and take as long as I want and i do take along time because i look at every thing that you have and if i need help someone is there to help me and if i don't you all leave me a lone and let me look. Just love ya all and love the store.
It's very very good right now and the best value for my stained glass dollar. Keep up the good work.
Website is good, however your customer service expedition time is fantastic. Took one day to get my order...outstanding!!!
I have always been very satisfied with everything I have gotten from Glasscrafters. I compare your prices to other companies and you always have the lower prices. I will continue to order everything from Glasscrafters
The website is great to look through, dream about, and copy free patterns. I'm still a beginner at stained glass but I'll get to the point of skill soon.
I am just getting into doing stained glass, browsing your website has helped me get familiar with the process requirments.
Easy to navigate. Love the free patterns. You keep adding warm glass items--the more the better.
easy to use, love the sales flyers.
I had ordered a book on glass plating for the pattern that was advertised. When I recieved the book the pattern I wanted was not included. I called and your rep told me he would try to get the pattern for me. Within 4 days I had the pattern at no extra charge. That is GREAT customer service. Thanks!!!
My first order arrived when scheduled. I was skeptical about the possibility of broken glass when the box arrived. All 24 pieces were in good condition. The selection was great and I will deffinately order again. thanks
have been doing business with you for many years. You have always given great service!
very informative. great as is.
I called with a problem. Got a real person on the phone that helped me, What else would I want?
I think your great, apprec. the assist.
I LOVE it !!!!!
GREAT web sight easy to find things. Lots better than any other Web Sight that I have looked at.
The first thing that attracted me to your website was the ease of your section/catalog on your website. The other thing was the way you show pages on the pattern books..makes such a difference when you are ordering pattern books. Wouldn't buy one anywhere else after seeing your displays! Thank you...so far you are batting 1000!!!
great website. i spend ages looking around it. Love the free patterns as well. Keep up the good work. you have really fired up my imagination in my glass work. thank you!!
It's wonderful that you have free patterns for people---and the sales are great too---I will be ordering from you soon.
I think your website is easy to navigate
You have a wide selection of glass fusing items for me to chose from. I see you have now added a wide range of glass in coe96 to select from. Also liked the idea of getting the 12 X 24 glass as an option.
I spend hours on your website. I especially like the free patterns. They make me purchase more than I had intended to buy!
I've been very pleased with the site. I'm on dialup that is very slow & sometimes it takes so long to download a site that I get timed out. This site is easy to load, and when I click on an item, having a box open up with the information instead of it opening in another window saves download time, too. I love how easy it is to find the sales & the Free Shipping weekend is the best. I've bought things I was not planning to buy for at least another six months...but I can never pass up a free shipping offer.
I just came from the Customer Comments. There's not much more I can add. The accolades are true. Your site is very customer friendly, professional, and up to date with the latest products. Your service is great. The way you showcase your books with sample pages is a wonderful feature. All in all, your specials, your prices in general, and your promptness in filling orders keep me coming back. I just wish I could visit your store. Maybe one of these days...
Interesting, I esp. like your free patterns. I picked up my copy of SGN at my local shop, but she was out of the santa pattern. I found it on your site. Thank you!
The website and your company are the best! I have been doing stained glass for many years and your company has stood the test of time for having competitive pricing and excellent customer service. And most importantly the knowledge that you will still be around! Many other places have come and gone while you have stayed and continued to be a business that is a pleasure to do business with that has gained my loyalty and trust.
absolutely amazing, I always find what I am looking for here. keep up the good work.
great free patterns which is what brought me to the site to begin with
I'm new to stained glass, so I'm still feeling my way. I've looked for patterns and bought a grinder from you. I found the website an easy one to navigate.
I think you have an excellent website. I pay less with you (even with shipping) than the two resources I have in Maine. I hope to someday come to your store when I am in Florida.
this company has helped me get started and has continued to supply all my needs
I love the free patterns!!! I don't get a lot of time to make items and I have a supplier in town but am always looking for new things to do when I need that special gift for someone. Thanks!!!!
great site!!!! quick shipping!!!
The website is very easy to browse and get to items that are of importance to the person doing the search.
I'm a newbe at stained glass and am searching for things to do. I think that your site will be a big help.
Recently I returned a glass cutting saw blade for my taurus saw which I order incorrectly at christmas. I so floored by the quick response of a replacement item. We have had nothing but excellent customer service and product quality from you. We will continue to order from you and recommend to our friends and family.Thanks glass crafters!!!!!
Easy to navigate and quickly locate items
this is an awesome site to find and get ideas for glass gifts.
It is a very easy site to use and to navigate around on. Very good.
I'm glad you put your web site address in your flier. I've been a customer for many years, and I enjoy receiving your fliers very much.
I want to thank you for my order. It arrived perfectly and in 4 days of ordering (even on the weekend). With gas prices as they are, ordering from you is cheaper than drive to the nearest glass shop.
I am very pleased with your service. People are courteous and orders arrive quickly. Thank you.
I can always find what I am looking for 99.99 % of the time.
best stained glass web site i have found-lay out is great-i am a beginner and site works well
website is very good and easy to follow
love it... can't wait to receive the catalog so I can drool over it when the internet is down.
My girlfriend has been looking for a store in our area that sells glass. We have not been able to find anyone that sells a wide variety, only scraps. So I bought, as a gift for her, quite a few items ranging from glass to a saftey break system. I put in my order on Dec 26 and received it on Dec 28. This is the best service I have ever received from any on line store. This experience has been FANTASTIC! Especially for me who doesn't do stained glass and had no idea what I was buying. She is incredibly happy with the gift and the quality of your products! Thank You!!! Happy New Year!
Your website is the best glass one I have found and the only one I buy from
This is a great website and the prices seem very reasonable.
User friendly. I also want to compliment you on your very fast order processing and delivery.
Great webste, when I called a friendly and very helpful voice on the phone.
The web site is terrific, and the turnaround time on orders is amazing. Good work!
Good site! I make jewelry boxes and picture frames for friends during the winter..take care!
Excellent. Outstanding shipping time.
you get the 3 e's - products, price and service all EXCELLENT
i enjoy the book area your the only website that shows more than one example
full of useful info on everything i'm looking for.
I really enjoy this company and have had very good luck with the prices and service here.
Nicely done. Easy to use. Informative at times.
I enjoy very much your website. Its very easy to find what I need
I enjoy it very much and recommend it to other people.
I think it is so generous of you to share the Free stained glass patterns. I am a very visual person. I have just made one oval panel, I altered the pattern to fit my taste, just about giving my instructor a heart attack, she thought I wouldn't finish before the end of semester but I fell in love with this art form. I am sure I will be back to buy from you as well.
it's nice to run across a site like this. sometimes it feels flashy, but everything you need is here
love the artists gallery
I was very surprized to see how swiftly the orders I place come to me. It's GREAT
Excellent site...will order in the future. Organized and rational!
very user friendly
I view your website really often just to browse around and look at what's new.
It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. I have had some no so good experiences with other companies.
Overall, it looks good and responds quickly.
nice clean setup
Thank you for having both the web site to order and the book to look at.
I have ordered many,many items from your store on-line and have never been disappointed!
I always enjoy your your sales flyer. Your web site is very easy to use. Sometimes too easy.
Great site. I enjoy looking at the site almost once a week to see if anything new is put on the site
I'm VERY pleased with what you carry and how quickly I get what I ordered. The staff is very helpful. You are the only reason I'd like to live in FL. :)
Love it! Great Sales
Love the company, have recommended to our club and friends. Can't beat the prices and efficiency.
great! My favorite place to shop!!
makes me wish I lived closer to your store. So I could just browse all day at all your products.
I think this is a very well done web page. It's easy to get around in, and has lots of information. But I love everything I've encountered about your company!!
I think your site works well for the customer - I always end up finding more than I planned on! It's fun to check out the new items and glass.
I'm new to the hobby of stained glass and have alot to learn. Your site is great!
I like it, easy to look at different pages of the book and not just the cover!!!!! Great variety, the who's who in books and supplies!
I find it very easy to use,and plan on ordering more supplies in the future. Thank You for the Artist Gallery, it is insperational !
Very user friendly, easy to find products I need and great selection.
My first order was received promptly. I was thrilled with everything. Keep up the good work!
Enjoy shopping with you!! Appreciate the e-mail sales. Best on-line glass shop there is!
I know that I can always depend on Glass Crafters when I place an order to get it to me in a timely fashion with no damage.
I just logged on to your site. I recieve you flyer and thought , there has to be more. Thanks for a site my daughter and I can find projects together.
You have an excellent website and products for a hobbiest who is still learning the skill, as well as for those more experienced. Thanks.
this is my first time ordering on line. I took me a little time to look up all the products. Once I found the products I wanted it was a breeze the rest of the way.
Thank you for being a good site as a beginner stained glass artist your site has been very helpful.
very easy to order. great prices, fast delivery
Excellent site! Everything easy to find , ordering is easy--Great job!!Thank You!
GREAT website, gives me better ideas than others, excellent staff when called to pllace an other THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
SUPER user-friendly !! ~Especially, Love the gallery of artwork. I tell everyone about it. Nice site.
very easy to use. staff is friendly when I have a question
looks great and is one that i visit weekly sometimes daily!!!!!!!!!
Please keep the American Flag!
I like that you show several pages from the books. It makes my decision whether to buy a specific book or not. I buy books from your website for this feature alone!
Very good price, very easy to navigate. I'll be back.
This is the top stained glass website that I know of.
I like the ease of this web site. It is well thought out and well put together.
I find your prices good and great service!!
I think that your website is great! Easy to move around and get the information you need. Your prices are good too.
very nice and easy TO NAVIGATE
I love the look "inside" a book that you offer. It is hard to choose a pattern book based on the cover alone.
This comment isn't about your website is about your company.Thank You so much for providing a catalog. I'm disabled and ordering online is sometimes very hard dor me. Your catalog provides me with the leisure of deciding what I want and locating the glass I want to order is easy for me. Your catalog is basically the only place I get the majority of supplies from.
I really enjoy the artist gallery. It inspires the beginner.
Very well organized! Ease of shopping a huge plus, and the quick turnaround time on shipping was great!
I always seem to find what I'm looking for, THANKX
I like that you show several pages from the books. It makes my decision whether to buy a specific book or not. I buy books from your website for this feature alone!
I live in Gibsonton FL and i love to go to your store and it was at one of these visits that i learned about your website. I've only used it once but that is only because like i said i love going to the store. The people are so very very nice and so helpful.  Now as far as your website goes. it is great, so easy to find everything and just beautifully set up.
This is the top stained glass website that I know of.
I like the ease of this web site. It is well thought out and well put together
I love it! I always spend too much, but that's great for you.
I find your prices good and great service!!
I was very happy with my orders
I think that your website is great! Easy to move around and get the information you need. Your prices are good too.
Great website, Good Prices!
I am not a good computer user, but your system is very easy to use. Don't fix it, its not broken.
I think your website is good. I usually order from catalog over phone but ordered on web this morning and all went very well.
You are doing a great job.
Love it. I get into a lot of trouble because of it. But so what. Been married almost 40 years, to late now to change me.
I just found your website, and was very impressed. I have been doing business with you for many years, especially since you moved to Florida. I like your company and always take the trip when you have your warehouse sales even though it is 75 miles to your store.
This is a great site. Western Montana does not have a store.. You are my store. Keep up the great work
Just a nice clean site and easy to navigate.
I appreciate your FAST shipping
very well organized!! Lots of information
love it! love it!! love it!!!
I really like browsing your webside. the only reason I prefer ordering by phone is the chance to talk to a life person and ask question about the items I order etc.
I love the look "inside" a book that you offer. It is hard to choose a pattern book based on the cover alone.
I really enjoy the artist gallery. It inspires the beginner!
This is the best site I have found so far. It is easy to browse, and to date, everything I look for...you have! I look forward to doing business with you as I set up my own studio!
Very well organized! Ease of shopping a huge plus, and the quick turnaround time on shipping was great
I always seem to find what I'm looking for, THANKX
This is my second order on the web. The first arrived quickly and correctly. Very pleased with your service. I've been in the store only once and all staff seemed helpful and friendly. Thank you for that. Keep up the great customer wervice and I look forward to ordering more from your site. Thanks again
I love the easy access and the quality of your web site
i have really enjoyed it being from a small town it's hard to find a lot of thiongs about leaded glass
I was just telling my co-worker how much I love this Web site, and I find it so much more easier to manipulate and find exactly what I want or to just look at it.
It's great; keep up the good work!
Great site, easy to move about.
website is fast and so easy to use.
Website is user friendly.
i have enjoyed looking thru the customer gallery, your free patterns, and checking out available products. I will order in the future from this site!
Very Very good. Well done. I like the part where we can view other peoples work from around the world. Its great and .
I try to go to your website at least once a week to look for new items etc. It is great.
Since I am still considering myself a beginner - the free patterns are great - I can complete small projects easily & quickly and feel I have accomplished something.
Wonderful site. I would also like to compliment you on the fabulous customer service I've received every time I've called, even without ordering at that time. Thank you for taking care with both of these services!
t's perfect, self explanatory and easy to use.
I really like your site...the free patterns...the artist gallery...very easy to find what you're looking for
Love the website, I especially enjoy seeing the different projects in the artist gallery.
Your website was very easy to navigate. I was impressed by the speed with which I was able to find the things I was looking for. I like that I could easily review the items once they were in my shopping cart
Very good website. I've ordered from you guys before (glass) and have always received stuff very well packaged.
I love all the info you have. As a beginner, I felt this info was EXTREMELY useful.
I love doing business with you. I enjoy your fast shipping and have been enjoying you for a long time now.
This is one of the best websites I have EVER been on!! Very intuitive, fast, accurate, and understandable.

Our customers say ... "I always enjoy your your sales flyer. Your web site is very easy to use. Sometimes too easy."
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