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Townhome For Sale
Sarasota, FL

Glass Saws

Diamond Glass Saws -
Now You can cut any glass shape with ease!

Diamond glass saws open up unlimited creative possibilities for your glass work. Now you can cut any glass shape out of any type of glass, quickly and with minimal glass waste.

Save time and save money on broken glass!

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Featured Item

GBC40 - Gryphon C40 Diamond Band Saw

Gryphon C40 Diamond Band Saw

The Gryphon Diamond Band Saw Model C40 is the fastest cutting glass saw on the market!

It gives you complete design freedom, making cuts that are impossible with hand held cutters - tight curves, inside curves, u-turns, or any shape that you can think of! Stack glass to cut identical repetitive pieces or cut exactly the shape you need out of a larger piece of glass. The possibilities are endless - no pattern is too difficult for the Gryphon Diamond Band Saw!

A powerful new direct drive motor develops more torque, with a blade speed of 40 mph, to cut 26" of glass per minute! The saw features the largest work surface, a full square foot in size, as well as the largest water reservoir. Holds six times more water than other band saws, to keep water cleaner and require less refilling. Simply turn one knob for fast and easy blade adjustment. Precision made in the USA with a full one year warranty. The diamond blade is made in Germany and carries a limited lifetime warranty against breakage, the only such warranty in the industry!

110 volt for North American markets.
Countries with 220/240 volt current will need a step down transformer.

Reg $400
Your Price: $379.99

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On sale
Reg $400.00




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Gryphon C40 Diamond Band Saw

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