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Sarasota, FL

Stained Glass Tools

Tools & Accessories -

A craftsperson can't work without good tools.

To be proficient in any craft or hobby the proper tools are essential. From basic tools: glass cutters, pliers, soldering irons, to more specialized ones: came benders, strip & circle cutters and bottle cutters,

Glass Crafters carries a full line and we have the people to help you choose and explain their use. We also carry the most popular power tools used in the craft today: grinders, ring and band saws and belt sameders.

Featured Item

BTP - Beginning Tool Package

Beginning Tool Package

The best tools to quickly get started cutting, foiling, and soldering stained glass! The package includes all of these necessities: Quick Success Instruction Book; Soldering Iron; Grozing/Breaking Pliers; Safety Glasses; Glass Cutter; 7/32" Copper Foil; 1lb. 60/40 Solder; Flux & Flux Brush; 12" Long Cutting Square; Glass Marking Pen; Cutter Oil.

110 volt for North American markets.
Countries with 220/240 volt current will need a step down transformer.

Reg. $105. Value!
Your Price: $89.99

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