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 Code   Name Price  
1201  Bevel, Square - 3/4" x 3/4" $1.23  
1201Q  Bevel, Square - 3/4" X 3/4" (Box of 30) $31.50  
1201T  Bevel, Square - 3/4" X 3/4" (Pack of 10) $11.10  
1210  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 10" $2.25  
1291Q  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 1" (Box of 30) $35.10  
1292Q  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 2" (Box of 30) $39.00  
1292T  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 2" (Pack of 10) $13.80  
1294  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" x 4" $2.34  
1294Q  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 4" (Box of 30) $59.70  
1294T  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" x 4" (Pkg of 10) $21.10  
1295  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" x 5" $2.88  
1295Q  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 5" (Box of 30) $73.50  
1295T  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" x 5" (Pack of 10) $25.90  
1296  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" X 7" $3.30  
1298  Bevel, Rectangle - 3/4" x 8" $3.78  
2F34  TWOFERS Grinder Heads - 3/4" Regular (100 Grit) $22.99  
2F34M  TWOFERS Grinder Heads - 3/4" Medium (170 Grit) $22.99  
A-13  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Oak $5.99  
A-14  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Fossil $5.99  
A-17  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Plum $5.99  
A-18  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Ice Purple $5.99  
A-51  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Grape $5.99  
C-61  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Pewter $6.99  
CA13  Oak Mosaic Glass Tile - 3/4" Square (8 Oz) $5.99  
CA14  Fossil Mosaic Glass Tile - 3/4" Square (8 Oz) $5.99  
CA17  Plum Mosaic Glass Tile - 3/4" Square (8 Oz) $5.99  
D-41  Mosaic Tile - 3/4" Venetian Red $6.99  
F1001  Ceramic Slumping Mold - Rimmed Round Plate, 8-3/4" Dia. $15.99  
MTA12  Mosaic Tile Supreme Assortment (3/4") Reg $74.95
Q4  Curly Q Hangars - 1-3/4" $7.99  

Our customers say ... "My girlfriend has been looking for a store in our area that sells glass. We have not been able to find anyone that sells a wide variety, only scraps. So I bought, as a gift for her, quite a few items ranging from glass to a saftey break system. I put in my order on Dec 26 and received it on Dec 28. This is the best service I have ever received from any on line store. This experience has been FANTASTIC! Especially for me who doesn't do stained glass and had no idea what I was buying. She is incredibly happy with the gift and the quality of your products! Thank You!!! Happy New Year!"
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