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 Code   Name Price  
2F34J  TWOFERS Grinder Heads - 3/4" Jewelry $29.99  
3415  Jewel, Faceted Round - 15mm. $4.38  
3425  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm. $2.99  
3430  Jewel, Faceted Round - 30mm. $3.59  
3440  Jewel, Faceted Teardrop - 40mm x 24mm $3.99  
3560  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm., Red $4.99  
35600  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm., Black $4.99  
3562  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm., Dark Blue $4.99  
3563  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm., Green $4.99  
3567  Jewel, Faceted Round - 25mm., Dark Amber $4.99  
7445  Bevels and Jewels Pattern Book $8.95  
BJ6A  Background Jewels (6 Pc) -Amber $19.99  
BJ6R  Background Jewels (6 Pc) - Red $19.99  
BLS-001  Jewelry Bails - Smooth, Assorted Colors $14.99  
BM55-FT  Book Mark, Flat Top Jewelry $6.99  
BM55-RT  Book Mark, Round Top Jewelry $6.99  
D90SCRAP_BLK  Bullseye Dichroic Black 90 COE - Jewelry Scrap Pack $39.99  
D90SCRAP_CLR  Bullseye Dichroic Clear 90 COE - Jewelry Scrap Pack $39.99  
D96SCRAP_BLK  Spectrum Dichroic Black 96 COE - Jewelrey Scrap Pack $39.99  
D96SCRAP_CLR  Spectrum Dichroic Clear 96 COE - Jewelry Scrap Pack $39.99  
EJ12A  Dragonfly Eye Jewels - Amber $7.99  
EJ12R  Dragonfly Eye Jewels - Red $19.60  
EJ14A  Dragonfly Eye Jewels - Amber $8.99  
EJ14R  Dragonfly Eye Jewels - Red $22.86  
FP-0554  Free Pattern, Victorian Jewels $0.00  
GHBS  Jewelry Bails - Small Gold Heart
Special pricing! Reg $19.99
GLA30365  Glastar Jewelry Grinding Bit $52.99  
J1507  Odyssey - 144 piece Jewel Set $374.40  
JB1025ST  Jewelry Bails - Large, Sterling Plated (1" Long) $16.99  
JB615ST  Jewelry Bails - Small, Sterling Plated (5/8" Long) $15.99  

Our customers say ... "great website. i spend ages looking around it. Love the free patterns as well. Keep up the good work. you have really fired up my imagination in my glass work. thank you!!"
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