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 Code   Name Price  
15302  Full-size Bib Apron With "GLASSLIFE" Logo $29.99  
15303  Half-size Waist Apron With "GLASSLIFE" Logo $16.99  
4500  Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner $6.99  
6608  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 8" $14.99  
6608RT  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 8" Rectangle $14.99  
6610  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 10" $15.99  
6610RT  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 10" Rectangle $15.99  
6612  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 12" $17.99  
6612RT  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 12" Rectangle $17.99  
6614  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 14" $19.99  
6614RT  Wrought Iron Display Stand, 14" Rectangle $19.99  
9232  Front Surface Mirror, PRE-CUT $8.99  
9411  Bronze Wool $8.99  
AARONDEL  Rondel, 3" - Clear $3.99  
DIA123  Polishing Lap 60 Micron (5 pack) $17.50  
DIA124  Polishing Lap 15 Micron (5 pack) $17.50  
FP-0018  Free Pattern, My Red Baron $0.00  
FP-0245  Free Pattern, Pronghorn Fan Lamp $0.00  
FP-0517  Free Pattern, Blue Heron $0.00  
FS2  Front Surface Mirror - 8" x 12" $26.99  
FX601  Hakko Adjustable Temp-Control Iron $89.99  
GST18L  Bevel Cluster, GST - Heron (Facing LT) $149.99  
GST18R  Bevel Cluster, GST - Heron (Facing RT) $149.99  
HRT-BRNZ  Bullseye Hot Rodz - Bronze, Transparent $2.45  
KN100A  Knurled Tip Nut W100 Iron $4.99  
KT200  Pattern - Heron & Hibiscus $10.99  
KT205  Pattern - Herons & Magnolias $10.99  
KT207  Pattern - Little Blue Heron $8.99  
KT405  Pattern - Manatee & Heron In Mangroves $10.99  
M100  Soldering Iron - Student Iron $29.99  

Our customers say ... "The first thing that attracted me to your website was the ease of your section/catalog on your website. The other thing was the way you show pages on the pattern books..makes such a difference when you are ordering pattern books. Wouldn't buy one anywhere else after seeing your displays! Thank you...so far you are batting 1000!!!"
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